Stonehurst Farm

There is a strong sense of heritage at Stonehurst Farm.  Seven generations of the Max family have called it home.  The land and now its sense of history and belonging have been cultivated and cherished by the present owners Laurence and Suzanne.

An award winning horse trekking operation, riding school and equestrian centre were developed at the farm.  These operated for 17 years and attracted close to 100,000 visitors to the property over that time.

Over the last 5 years because of changing family commitments these businesses have been sold but the quality facilities remain.  This has allowed Stonehurst to be re-defined/redeveloped as a property ideally suited to grazing privately owned horses.  Currently over 40 horses are cared for with their owners taking full advantage of the purpose built facilities.

There is obviously a need within the district that Stonehurst meets.  Laurence and Suzanne bring the right skills to this aspect of their business.
Laurence is a farmer, stockman and horseman who rides regularly.  He uses horses for stockwork, back country rides and helps at local rodeo’s clearing the arena.

Also during the time with horse trekking and equestrian cetre, Laurence had total care of up to 80 horses and ponies on the property.  Suzanne has an essential role of business management including accounts, invoicing and coordinating bookings of facilities and generally keeping things running smoothly.  Both are approachable and helpful and want to see this business enhancing the horse owning experience for as many people as possible.

Suzanne and Laurence Max