Spring is here…

I think we’d all agree the horses have come through winter extremely well and now look even better coming into their summer coat.  Of course, with such abundant spring grass growth most horses are in danger of getting over fat and we have several on founder watch… Including Laurence’s pony, Leroy. Please talk to us if you have any concerns. […] Continue Reading

Understanding the Anatomy and Mechanics of your Horse

Stonehurst Farm is pleased to present Eleena Kennedy of Classical Equestrian Art of NZ, 
lecturing on “The Anatomy and Mechanics of the Horse”. This afternoon of education will offer you valuable insights and understanding in how your horse’s body works in order to carry you and perform. Every trainer and rider must understand the anatomy and mechanics of their horse […] Continue Reading

An update on Van Hargis

A few days ago we learned that on 12th June after a 40-year-long injury-free streak of training horses, Van Hargis, was involved in an incident where a young filly fell on top of him, resulting in several fractures to some very specific bones in his lower back, sacrum, and pelvis. Van has now had surgery and  will be taking it […] Continue Reading

Win with Stonehurst Farm

Great news! We’re offering a FREE space on the upcoming two-day clinic – “The Concept of Fear, Trust & Confidence” – (Value $295). An exciting opportunity for you to take great strides in developing more confidence in horsemanship, with Van Hargis, one of today’s most versatile horsemen, he holds a designation that reflects a lifetime devoted to learning and communicating […] Continue Reading

Introducing your horse to cattle with Van Hargis

An exciting opportunity for you to learn from Van Hargis how to introduce your horse to cattle. This clinic is tailored to the needs and interests of the participants, but generally in this clinic Van reinforces the importance of foundation training as he introduces the horse to cattle. In other words, his primary focus will be on the skills needed […] Continue Reading