New all purpose arena 65m x 35m – screened topsoil surface

We have created a beautiful stone free soil arena.  It is 65m long x 35m wide.  The soil has been screened through a power screen and levelled back to create perhaps the best riding surface in the district.  We built a post and rail fence 1.5m height and even a comfortable viewing area for spectators.

It was completed in time for our first cattle clinic on the 13th & 14th December.  Nine participants enjoyed horsemanship instruction and had 30 cattle to practise their new skills.  Justin Cooney ran this clinic and we received great feedback from all involved.


2 comments on “New all purpose arena 65m x 35m – screened topsoil surface

  • Chase Wilson

    This is great, I am excited to see this all go together! It seems like lots of time and effort from professionals are going into this to make a top notch facility! Any idea on a completion date?

    • Suzanne Max

      Hi Chase

      Thank you for your interest in this project. I can now happily say that it is completed and up and running. We have been holding Cattle fun days and clinics in the new arena. Please check out our Facebook page by clicking on the link on our Website homepage and you will see lots of photos of happy people enjoying their time in it. Please feel free to come and visit us anytime you are around in our area.
      Kind regards


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